Eugene Shewchuk
Started training in Karate and Kung-Fu , then moved on to train in Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling and Muay Thai. While training in Muay Thai, he travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to train at a pro Muay Thai gym.

After graduating McGill University, left for Taipei, Taiwan, working at the Taipei American School as a gymnastics coach. There his training continued, learning Sanda, Chin Na, and Qi Gong.

Living in Taipei for 2 yrs, he left for Japan, where he found his true training. There he trained in sport and Combat Sambo, Shootboxing , Submission Wrestling and Judo.

He finally returned to Montreal, after spending 6 yrs in Japan.
In 2000, he opened Club Kozak, Quebec's first Combat Sambo gym and in 2008, affiliated with Pancrase; becoming Canada's only gym affiliated with Pancrase.
He was the former Canadian delegate to FIAS from 2001-2005, and participant in the 2000-5 FIAS World Sambo Championships and 2005 FIAS Combat Sambo World Championships.

He returns yearly to Japan to continue with training at the Pancrase gyms (PsLab Yokohama) and Innagaki-gumi (Ps Lab Osaka).

- Recognized by the Japan Sambo Federation.
- Member coach of the Taipei Sanda Association. 
- Certified under Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation
- Pancrase Affiliate Trainer.
- First Aid/SA/1.5H/Basic Life Support AED
- Certified coach under Gymnastics Canada

Finalist in several tournaments, including:
1994 All-Taiwan Leitai Championships
1997 All Japan Submission Arts Wrestling Tournament
1999 Canadian Challenge 
2000 Taikai Submission Challenge(NAGA) 
2002 Toronto Showdown
2003 Montreal Open Brazilian Jujitsu Championship
2004 Battle at the Beach (NAGA)
2005 Cape Cod; Batlle at the Beach (NAGA)
2006 New England Grappling Championships (NAGA); Canadian Combat Sambo Challenge
2008 Amateur Pancrase Tournament