I have no experience in martial arts, can I still learn?
Beginners are always welcome. We were all beginners at some time in life. Our classes include beginners to advance students. This will aid beginners to see advanced students in action and get a sense of what progress they can achieve. Unlike other schools, our class sizes are small, making the teacher-student ratio low, therefore allowing a better instruction and learning environment.
How long will it take before I get better?
There is no definite answer to that question. Everyone’s learning curve and abilities are different. Some people will catch on faster than others, but the most important are commitment and perseverance to one’s practice.
Do you offer classes for women only?
We do not offer separate classes because to train realistically, women should train with men, especially for self defense. The majority of violence in this world is, unfortunately, done by men. Training with men will automatically boost a woman’s confidence and allow her to be  able to react  better with an aggressive or violent situation. 
Do I need to be physically fit to start?
No you do not. One will get into shape gradually while training here at our school, through training drills, exercises and finally sparring.
Am I too old to start?
One can start at any age. If there is a desire to learn, one can learn at any age. Better to start later on in life than never.
What age do you start at?
We offer courses starting at the age of 13 yrs and older. Being a contact sport, one’s body has to be mature.
What is a typical class like?
In our Kickboxing, Submission Wrestling and Combat Sambo classes, we would start off with warm up drills, learn new skills or review some techniques, practice them and then do sparring. We end the classes with stretching.
Is sparring optional?
Our philosophy is that if one does not train with sparring, one will never know or see if the techniques or skills they have can actually be useful in a real live situation. Sparring trains proper reaction and application of one’s skills. It gives one confidence. Sparring is a learning process, and not a competition. We are here to learn, not hurt each other.
How does one join up?
Contact us via email or phone to set up an appointment for a trial class. Cost of a trial class is $20.
Why train here?